Hiring expertise for VCs and their portfolio.

A recruitment business built by SaaS sales experts. We know what’s needed to build and grow a sales structure and we help businesses to find sales talent and advise and support through the transition from founder-led sales. We support VCs and their portfolio with hiring expertise and GTM insight to accelerate their growth.
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VC challenges understood.

The VC market is competitive. We partner with you to not just provide expertise to your network, but to differentiate your offering whilst you look to identify the next unicorn.

Our industry experience and recruitment expertise means we understand the challenges businesses within your portfolio are facing. We’ll work in partnership with these businesses to advise on their GTM strategy, and identify and attract sales talent that can have an immediate impact of growing pipeline and reducing burn rate.

High failure rate for SaaS startups

Transition from founder led sales

High burn rate

Inaccurate reporting

Value to founders. Growth for you. 

We’re using our SaaS experience to deliver value to your founders throughout the recruitment process as they build a repeatable sales motion. Beyond great hires, we provide:

GTM review and action plans

Bespoke interview task created

Receive candidate profiles not CVs

90 minute client discovery

Weekly update calls and Slack comms

Commission creation support

Ideal candidate profile agreed

Ideal candidate profiles agreed

Access growth playbooks

Job description written for you

Comprehensive candidate screening

Join exclusive founder community

Pro bono GTM review

Are you looking to support your existing portfolio with insights from experience sales leaders? Or add a differentiation to your service offering? Our pro bono GTM review delivers insights and actions for your portcos to implement immediately. Available as a 1-2-1 session, or delivered to a group of your business leaders, we’ll deliver tangible value to your sales process.


Revenue, pipeline velocity, GTM motion and ICPs


Growth plans, goals and sales objectives


Tech stack and measurable data


Delivery of tangible takeaways, based on your current position and growth objectives, for you to implement today – and when you have a team in place

Book GTM review

Transparent recruitment pricing.

Traditional recruitment pricing often lacks transparency, falling short of the cost and value clarity inherent in SaaS business models.

In response, we've designed three distinct packages, ensuring you’ll know precisely what to expect at each stage of the hiring process.

Discover our packages
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Results delivered across your portfolio.

Discover some of the ways we’ve recently helped SaaS start-ups to build and grow their go to market functions by leveraging our industry experience and recruitment expertise.

VC resource library.

Need hiring expertise for your portcos?

Discover how we can help you differentiate your offering by providing GTM expertise and build teams to accelerate growth.