Helping founders build and scale go-to-market teams.

As SaaS sales professionals, we’ve seen first-hand that traditional recruitment is broken. We’re changing that. We not only find your next sales leader or individual contributor, but guide founders like you through the process of building a sales infrastructure, advise on your GTM strategy and support you as you transition away from founder-led sales.
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Addressing founder pains. Enabling gains.

Whether you're a first-time founder looking to transition away from founder-led sales, or an experienced entrepreneur that needs support in building a sales function, we have the insight and network to help.
Experienced in SaaS sales, we excel in helping founders like you to navigate through the myriad of challenges you face in building and scaling a high-growth tech business.

Lack of sales knowledge

Unable to create repeatability in sales process

Struggling to transition from founder led sales

Reducing employee churn 

Lasting impact. Valued delivered.

Finding great people to join your business is our day job. But we’re using our tech sales industry experience to provide founders with a complete go-to-market hiring solution that gives you: 

GTM review and action plans

Bespoke interview task created

Receive candidate profiles not CVs

90 minute client discovery

Weekly update calls and Slack comms

Commission creation support

Ideal candidate profile agreed

Ideal candidate profiles agreed

Access growth playbooks

Job description written for you

Comprehensive candidate screening

Join exclusive founder community

Free GTM review

Are you the founder of a startup looking to build a new sales function? Or the founder of a scale up looking to grow your existing team? Our free 1 hour go-to-market consultation session delivers insights and actions for you to implement right away.


Revenue, pipeline velocity GTM motion and ICPs


Growth plans, goals and sales objectives


Tech stack and measurable data


Delivery of tangible takeaways, based on your current position and growth objectives, that you can implement today and/or when you have a team in place.

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Recruitment pricing redefined. Traditional recruitment pricing often lacks transparency, falling short of the cost and value clarity inherent in SaaS business models.

In response, we've designed four distinct packages, ensuring transparency and value, to help us grow a long-lasting and value led recruitment partnership.

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Using SaaS best practice to build your recruitment process.

A hiring process with comprehensive candidate screening that saves you time, and delivers a candidate that aligns with your business, goals, and culture, and is capable of making an impact from day one.

  • 1

    GTM review

    We’ll take the time to understand you and your business including tech stack, structure, processes, goals, key metrics, and more. This allows us to provide guidance on how best to structure your GTM team.

  • 2

    Role specific discovery

    We conduct a thorough analysis of each role, understanding team dynamics, culture, and individual contributions to overall growth targets. We’ll write the JD for you and develop screening criteria before mapping the candidate market. 

  • 3

    Role mapping

    With a strong understanding of what good looks like, we’ll build an ideal candidate profile and present this to you alongside examples of profiles. Once you’re on board, we’ll begin the candidate outreach of only the most suitable candidates. 

  • 4

    Search & screening

    We’ll target key profiles and begin the screening process. Equivalent to a 1st stage interview, our comprehensive screening will result in you receiving full candidate profiles, not just CVs, and pointers on what to probe in their interview. 

  • 5

    Interview & task

    Successful candidates from our screening process will be scheduled directly into your calendar, saving you time and hassle. In final interviews, we design custom tasks for candidates, helping in evaluating quality before your selection.

  • 6

    Offer & onboarding

    Once you’ve identified the right candidate, we’ll deliver and negotiate the offer through the contract signing. We’ll then secure reference and create an onboarding pack to ensure a seamless start ready for them to make an impact from day one. 

Results for founders just like you. 

Building customer relationships is all about adding value, insights and support, not just transactional sales. Discover some of the ways we’ve recently delivered real results for founders just like you. 

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