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Seed - £4.2m

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Claimer was Cosmic Partner’s first ever client and was initially looking for a head of sales following their $4.2m raise. Working with the founder, a previously exited founder, but who hadn’t built out a sales team previously, we created a clear roadmap for the business with a go-to-market review that included a sales hiring plan, and support for the founder that focused on sales management and process. 

This resulted in us hiring 1 AE and 2 SDRs for Claimer, enabling the business to transition from founder led sales and building an outbound sales motion to compliment the wider growth plans. We also supported the founder with guidance on leading and targeting a sales team, as well the onboarding of the new hires.

Adam McCann Claimer Avatar
Adam McCann
CEO at Claimer

In Adam's words

“My experience of recruitment companies hasn’t always been positive, because typically you’re dealing with people that have never done the job they’re hiring for. Working with Cosmic Partners is the complete opposite. It was very telling from the outset that they just ‘get it’. They challenged me and were asking deep questions about our process, trying to understand whether it was even the right time for us to hire someone. No typical recruiter would do that!"
“Working Cosmic Partners was really good, I had an excellent experience and the people I ended up hiring were even better than I expected.”
a process that’s PERFECT FOR A TIME POOR CEO
"Founders and CEOs are time poor. So, it’s important to work with a partner that makes life easier, and more efficient. One of the biggest examples of this was the pre-screening of candidates. You didn’t fling CVs at us. You presented candidates in a way that made the interview process much smoother and much quicker.  It was clear you had done the groundwork with the candidate and because you spent so much time in the discovery process, you knew exactly what I was looking for. You spent more time, to actually make everything much quicker, for me. I think many founders would appreciate this."

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