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Strategic hire of an enterprise sales manager

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Having met Grant Combe (CRO) through a sales leader community we discussed that the business was looking to an Enterprise Sales Manager to help continue the success they were seeing with enterprises. They completed a comprehensive review of the market and Cosmic Partners was selected. We were then connected to the hiring manager Tyrene who heads up the EMEA sales team. 

This was a strategic hire for the team, there had been some challenges in finding the right person in the past so it was important we built a strong ideal candidate profile.

Tyrene Soler
Head of Sales EMEA, FundApps

In Tyrene's words

The Cosmic Profiles really set you apart
"I really liked the Cosmic Profiles. They were very helpful in allowing us to focus on, and use, what had been discussed with the candidate to date. They really set Cosmic Partners apart. In truth, it avoids senior leaders or hiring managers wasting time asking questions that have already been vetted. So that saves us time and makes the whole process more efficient."
SaaS experience makes all the difference
"Your SaaS experience makes all the difference. You bring real credibility to discussions and it means you are very measured in your communications. It adds real value."
An exceptionally valuable hiring process
"Receiving a small number of the very best candidates profiles, and knowing they had been thoroughly screened was great. In the past, I worked with recruitment agencies where they just sent us CVs without context and you have to read through, filter the good and bed, then give a thumbs up to the ones you want to meet. That’s time consuming. It’s exceptionally valuable having a process where you present 5 profiles and put them in our diaries. It saves an awful lot of admin time and the transparency works for both parties. That was definitely a big value add for us."

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