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Sales structure support for early stage startup

HR Tech
Pre seed - £700k

Our hiring solution.

GTM review
Sales team structure
Commission creation

Stayf, a new HR Tech startup, was recommended by two separate founders to speak to Cosmic about their sales hiring needs. With 8 people and £100k ARR, they had just raised £700k pre-seed and were looking for guidance on building a sales structure, in addition to recruiting their first sales hires to support their growth plans.

After conducting a comprehensive GTM review to define their requirements, we supported Stayf to plan, budget, and build their sales structure. Alongside this, we created ideal candidate profiles, a commission structure, and upskilled their team on how to onboard and manage sales people and conduct pipeline reviews. We then recruited a founding Senior Account Executive and a Sales Development Representative.

Kirill Primaka from Stayf
Kirill Primaka
Co-Founder, Stayf

In Kirill's words

A hands-on approach to problem solving
"It's really about your hands-on approach to solving the problem. Not just in finding the people for us, but also solving the problem of building a GTM team to help us scale. You don’t just provide a pipeline of candidates, but provide constant support strategy, compensation, structure, commission and even some legal questions we had. It was exactly what I was looking for."
You exceeded my expectations
"You not only exceeded my expectations, but even exceeded what you initially promised. You spent a lot of time with us to advise on structure which was amazing. And I'm super happy with the team you helped us hire. You added not only expertise with two brilliant salespeople, but an energy to our team. I'm very happy to have them on board and thank you for all of your work."
Your domain expertise was crucial for us
"I was immediately impressed. Firstly, communication was very straightforward, very efficient, and very fast. Secondly, your domain expertise was unquestionable. I was very confident based on your experience, the recommendations I had, and your client base, that you would be able to deliver. Your domain expertise was crucial for us. And finally, it was your hands-on approach. Your guidance, not just on helping us recruit, but to help us build a strong GTM strategy was invaluable."

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