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Recruitment of SDR to support repeatable sales motion

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Seed - £4.8m

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Having raised a recent £4.8m seed raise we were connected to Kamma from an existing client. Following great YoY growth the CGO was looking to build a repeatable sales motion by bringing in an SDR. They had tried to hire for a period of time but struggled to find the right profiles that had right level of experience who could be autonomous at setting up the function.

Using historical data they knew the opportunity cost of not having someone in seat as every month goes past so decided to instruct Cosmic Partners to help accelerate the search and find the right profile.

Joe Webb
Chief Growth Officer, Kamma

In Joe's words

Getting hiring wrong is quantifiable
"We obviously have commercial targets to hit. And having the right resource in place is a critical part of us being able to achieve those targets. And to us, it’s quantifiable. We ask SDRs to deliver 11 meetings per month. We convert about one in 10. So if we assume that’s one deal per month, and within an average deal size of 25k, you can quickly see the impact of not hiring someone. It also highlights the importance of not hiring the wrong person. To go through the hiring process and then waiting three or four months to realise it’s not the right fit, and having to start the process again, you’re into six figures at that point. That’s why hiring the right people is so important."
Unlike anything I’ve experienced
"The recruitment process was superb and it's what stood out to me more than anything else. Nobody wants to run a 6 month hiring process and nobody wants to feel like they're working with people that aren’t in control. Your discovery sessions were unlike anything I’ve experienced. To the point where you were probing our processes and plans that I was on the back foot. And that was exactly what I needed because I knew we were in safe hands with a team that really understand the roles they were hiring for. It kind of makes you aware that you're working with people who know the process and know the market far better than you do. That’s incredibly reassuring."
The candidate quality was really really high
"Candidate quality was very very high. I think we would have been happy hiring any of them. We have this challenge in that we're not a huge business and we don't have money to burn. like. But equally, we don't have straightforward set of solutions. We were trying to find someone with the tenacity, drive and determination that you need to have to succeed. But also, with the commercial acumen and intellectual capacity to understand what we're trying to sell. To be able to meet a brief like that with the quality across all of the candidates was outstanding. The candidate quality was really really high. Definitely higher than if we had done it on our own, and definitely higher than we've previously seen from other recruitment companies."

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