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In-depth GTM strategy and recruitment of a Head of Sales

Legal Tech
Seed - £2m

Our hiring solution.

GTM review
Candidate onboarding
Hiring strategy

Nomio, a legal tech business that had raised £2m at seed stage, was recommended to Cosmic through a revenue leader within a sales leader network. We conducted an in-depth Go To Market review to understand the business metrics and supported the business in building their GTM strategy.

Our initial review uncovered the need for a sales leader to come in as Head of Sales and help grow the commercial function and build a repeatable sales motion as the business transitioned from founder-led sales. In addition to the successful hire, we supported onboarding and created commission structures to provide maximum value to the business.

Josh Treon
CEO, Nomio

In Josh's words

They understood our business
"Cosmic Partners came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint. I'm a first time founder and my background is in tech. So, every new commercial problem is one that I've not really faced before. Having Cosmic Partners to lean on throughout this process was invaluable. They spent considerable time understanding our business, our numbers, who we sell to, the existing team, and our targets for the next 12 months. All of which came before we started talking about recruitment. This meant they could add real value in advising us on the right profiles that would fit our business. Which is exactly what they did."
Comprehensive candidate screening
"I can’t recommend Cosmic Partners enough. It was clearly evident that they are genuine recruitment experts. When I talked to a lot of the candidates, I knew that there was no way I would have been able to identify, or get a conversation with, that caliber of individual. In addition, the comprehensive candidate screening was simply not something I knew how to do. I know how to hire good engineers because I am, or have been, an engineer myself, but identifying and judging salespeople is a whole different ballgame. The candidate screening, and the way in which candidates were then presented to me, made the process much smoother and Cosmic’s experience of working within tech sales ensured it was an efficient process with quality candidates quickly identified, saving me time in the interview process.”
Impact of the GTM review
"The time taken in the GTM review had a massive impact on me and my business. You challenged me, and took the time to understand our business which ultimately meant you were able to find much better profiles and make much better recommendations than if I'd just come to you with a request like a traditional recruiter."

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