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Introduced through a referral, Resonance had been through a $1.5m funding stage and were looking to build a sales team as they transitioned away from a founder-led sales strategy.

Resonance, operating in a niche market targeting enterprise clients, were keen to recruit an experienced candidate to work in either the UK or Canada. 

Working with our co-founder, a previous VP of Sales within a SaaS business, our initial go-to-market strategy review changed the way Resonance viewed sales and together we created a hiring strategy that resulted in the successful onboarding of Luke, to drive growth as the company’s commercial director.

Alex Resonance
Alex Challans
CEO at Resonance

In Alex's words

a genuine partnership
"Before working with Cosmic, we had decided that we needed an SDR and quickly hired someone who wasn't relevant. It was a massive opportunity cost to our business. Since then, we’ve realised that working with Cosmic is a huge time saver. Generally, people don't value their time enough in startups. And we realised that the commercial director should be selling, not doing interview screening and processes. Cosmic make the process more efficient, and to a higher quality because they are genuine experts, they really know the market and know what good looks like. Being efficient is one thing, but having the quality to back it up is another."
the value of the gtm review
“The time spent in the discovery process was incredibly valuable. It's perfect for founder based sales approaches and I’m still using the lessons you taught us. The service level delivered is very rare. You’ve built enormous credibility with us, but more importantly, genuinely provided value and had a real impact on our business.”
my experience of working with Cosmic Partners
"My experience of Cosmic was very much like the kind of process one experiences with McKinsey. You get a very polished experience, one that does all the heavy lifting for you. All you want to do, as a CEO, is to make the decisions that only you can make. Cosmic are capable of handling most of the process - which was a real time saver and was bolstered by the fact that the quality is so high, and consistent, that you can trust them to deliver.”

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