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GTM review and workshop to ensure repeatable sales motion

Health Tech
Seed - £3m

Our hiring solution.

GTM review
Sales workshop
Onboarding support

Having raised more than £3m, Vitrue Health needed to build out its sales team and were initially seeking 1 Account Executive to do this. Following great traction from founder-led sales and an early sales team, Cosmic Partners were introduced post Seed raise where Vitrue Health raised £3m through notable investors Hambro Perks, MMC Ventures and Pink Investment Club, to support their transition away from founder-led sales.

Following a workshop and go-to-market strategy review, we created a plan for 2 Senior Account Executives and 1 Sales Development Lead to help them in creating a repeatable sales motion for future growth. All 3 hires were experienced and were headhunted by Cosmic Partners and placed into Vitrue Health.

Shane Lowe
CEO at Virtue Health

In Shane's words

A genuine partnership
"Cosmic’s industry experience and delivering on promises resulted in them quickly becoming a trusted partner. The fact that they’re in our Slack just means they’re part of the team - there's my head of marketing, head of engineering, and then there's Cosmic. It’s a key part of how we work so closely."
Importance of vc buy in
"Cosmic Partners came recommended to us through our VC. When a recommendation comes directly from your VC, it makes a massive difference. Their endorsement goes a long way and although you do your own due diligence, it means a lot to be able to build your own network of trusted partners through the VC network."
Working with Cosmic Partners is just different
"So far we've hired 35 people - 14 through recruiters. And before we worked with Cosmic, we had never gone back to work with a recruiter again. 

But we'll definitely be working with Cosmic again. We had a really great experience, and the candidates were great.  We set out to hire one and we ended up hiring three. This is a result of the candidate quality and their strategic guidance that very much felt like they were advising us on building a quality sales structure rather than just bringing us candidates."

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