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First UK hire for deep learning-AI business

Ecommerce Tech
Seed - £1.8m

Our hiring solution.

GTM review
Interview task
Hiring coaching

We got connected to Gulsah and Gonja following their new funding round. They were looking to further build out the commercial team to help achieve new growth goals and were looking for a founding account executive to help build a repeatable sales function following early success from founder-led and partner-led sales.

They completed comprehensive review of recruitment partners they could work with and selected Cosmic Partners as the exclusive recruitment partner due to our deep domain expertise. We worked with the founders throughout the process to introduce very qualified candidates and supported with the final stage interviews.

Gulsah temp
Gulsah Gulser
CEO, Quin

In Gulsah's words

In-depth screening
"It wasn't just about finding qualified candidates; it was about finding people who believed in our vision and were motivated by it. To our surprise everyone we met was motivated and brought into our vision. At no point did it feel they were just looking for a job. That’s down to the in-depth screening Cosmic does with both client and candidate to find the right fit. They balance that very well."
Supported us every step of the way
"Their help and value went beyond finding a candidate. They provided guidance on onboarding as well. We hadn't hired anyone in the UK before and didn't even have a UK contact setup. But Cosmic made everything so easy and supported us at every step. From contracts, to interviews, to onboarding, they were a real partner for us."
Hiring process was super helpful
"I appreciated their honest feedback on candidates. It never felt like they were just trying to close a deal. I always knew that even if we didn't find someone straight away, Cosmic would be the right partner. Fortunately, we did! But their value in the hiring process was super helpful. They never pushed a candidate for the sake of closing and were always very honest in terms of highlighting a candidate’s pros and cons. It was super helpful."

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