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We were referred to Panther through a mutual connection. They were looking for an Enterprise Account Executive to help transition from founder-led sales and had been working with a couple of recruitment companies already but not found the right person.

There was an urgent need for someone as they had some traction with inbounds and the Founding team were busy building product and selling. Cosmic Partners were selected to take over as the exclusive recruitment partner, we made 3 introductions and 1 person was hired.

Ashling Coyle
CEO, Panther Software

In Ashling's words

Candidate screening that made a difference
"Overall, I honestly thought you were very impressive and I really enjoyed working with you. The candidate screening you do definitely made a difference to me. As a CEO, there’s nothing more frustrating than interviewing people that aren't a suitable fit and clearly have not been properly screened by the recruiter. It wastes everyone's time and you then lose faith in that recruiter. But working with Cosmic, it was immediately clear and obvious how thorough your screening process was."
Reassuring to work with a recruiter like you
"I personally really liked the detail in your communication. From answering questions on WhatsApp, to being available out of hours because I had been in meetings all day. It made the process so much smoother. It felt very much as though you had the process under control. From putting placeholders for interviews in my diary to proactively keeping me updated on your progress. It was reassuring to work with a recruiter like that and i know that that level of upwards management is what a lot of business owners really do like."
A really unique proposition
"I think you have a really unique proposition. Great to work with, professional, and it’s clear that you’re industry experts having done the roles yourselves. As a result, the way you were able to qualify candidates was excellent and resulted in a big time saving for ,e. You pre-qualified candidates to a very high level and only put top quality candidates in front of me. An enjoyable recruitment experience."

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