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Comprehensive service to identify and onboard SDR in EMEA

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Seed - £4m

Our hiring solution.

GTM review
Commission structures
Onboarding support

We were introduced to the Founder at Brainboard through one of their VCs, Moonfire Ventures, to provide some initial value add in the form of a GTM review. After spending some time getting to know the business and providing some initial deliverables, we conducted a follow up session and uncovered the need for a SDR for the work across EMEA. 

We agreed the ideal candidate profile with the Founder before starting the search, a key step in any search, but particularly with this being a fully remote and largely autonomous role, it was incredibly important to identify the right fit. In addition to conducting the search, we supported with onboarding plans, commission structures, contracts, references and more. Everything they needed to get the successful candidate identified and onboarded.

Chafik Belhaoues, Founder at Brainboard
Chafik Belhaoues
Founder, Brainboard

In Chafik's words

I don’t work with recruiters
I don’t work with recruiters. I’ve always found that that fee couldn’t be justified because of poor processes and low candidate quality. But safe to say that our experience with Cosmic Partners was completely different to anything we had experienced before.
Having someone you trust is key
I wasn't planning to hire an SDR but after spending time with you to review our sales process I realised that with the unpredictability of the top of the funnel, this is a key step that was previously missing in our sales process. So the first step you helped with is in ensuring I realsied the importance of the hire. As a founder, at the beginning the goal is not to hire, so having someone you trust to help you understand the benefits is key.
Adding value to our business
The hiring process, especially with the Cosmic Profiles, is very good and you delivered exactly what you said you would. And I genuinely felt that you were driving the hiring process for us not just to earn commission, but because you wanted to add value to our business.

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