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Building outbound sales motion and hiring the first SDR

Content Tech
Seed - £5.2m

Our hiring solution.

Commission creation
Interview coaching
Interview task

Checkstep is an AI content moderation service that had previously raised £5.2m seed stage funding and had been connected to Cosmic Partners through CEO referral. When Cosmic first spoke to Checkstep, they were already in the middle of a recruitment process for an SDR role  to help them build an outbound sales motion following initial traction

Cosmic initially only provided an external lens on the hiring process. But after struggling to identify a suitable candidate, Cosmic took on responsibility for the role. Working closely with the CRO, Cosmic created an updated interview process, final stage task, interview coaching, and created a commission structure. With 3 candidates interviewed, an experienced SDR was successfully recruited and onboarded by Checkstep.

Gary Thompson
Chief Revenue Officer, Checkstep

In Gary's words

Very different from your typical recruiter
"Before working with Cosmic Partners I didn't want to use a recruitment agency because I generally have had a bad experience working with them. But what stood out straight away about Cosmic was their industry experience and the fact that Matthew has done the job himself and knows how to spot the good and the job. That’s very different from your typical recruiter."
I just felt in safe hands
"The reality is that there was a moment where I thought ‘yeah, this is great’ and that was when you helped us with the recruitment process for a candidate that you weren't even going to get any commission from. That for me ticked a lot of boxes in terms of your trustworthiness, honesty, and commitment to building a genuine relationship. I just felt in safe hands that you've done this role before and you now recruit these roles day in and day out. It’s an industry that you are very knowledgeable about."
We used Cosmic because of their industry experience
"I thought about posting the roles ourselves or in a Pavilion group to see what happens but we used Cosmic because of your industry experience and the trust that was built through the period where you were helping me out, even putting job descriptions or interview tasks together for us. You provided a ton of value to us and delivered at every single stage."

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